Our Mission

Established in 2019, the New York State Council on Youth Football (NYSCYF) is a non-profit organization committed to improving and advancing the sport of youth football across New York State.

The Council, its members and sponsors, representing communities across New York State, are determined to create a dependable message of policies and procedures for all participants in youth football in order to provide a safer environment for all athletes.

The Council and its members will advise on rules and regulations to be adopted that provide better education, training and improvement for administrators, commissioners, coaches, players, parents and guardians.

The Council and its members will mentor youth football organizations and assist them in implementing quality programs to create a consistent youth football model throughout New York State.

The Council and its national and local partners are dedicated to the development of the whole student athlete through the Football Development Model (FDM) focusing on a healthy athlete, character development and program development.

The Council is committed to supporting the latest advances in medical research, equipment, game formats and rules to increase the safety improvements for our New York State football communities.